Buying Precious Metals, Your Future & About Me

Hey everyone, just wanted to give you a reminder of why I started this website and what you can except to see and what you can expect NOT to see on this site in the future….

First off, a note about me:

- I am NOT a precious metals dealer, nor do I work for one
- Again, I do NOT sell Silver & Gold, I just give great info & review the best places to buy it online
- I am neither a Democrat or a Republican…I guess if you had to classify me, I’d be a Libertarian
- I am NOT a money manager, stock broker or any other kind of Salesman
- I am just a guy who has a passion for precious metals!
- I am however an independent Financial Analyst, mostly in Real Estate and Fixed-Income Securities
- I DO personally own precious metals in many forms (basically, I practice what I preach)
- I AM here to help the average individual investor learn how to use the power of owning Silver & Gold to preserve and enhance their wealth

What I WILL do on this Site:

- I will provide resources/info on as many aspects of the precious metals markets as I can
- I will provide reviews and reports on precious metals dealers
- I will be as up-front as possible with you, my reader
- I will make every effort possible to give you un-biased, non-partisan views of the financial markets
- I will try and keep this site as updated as my busy schedule allows

What I will NOT do on this Site:

- I will NOT try and sell you precious metals (as mentioned above, I’m not a dealer)
- I will NOT try and solicit you as a client to manage your money
- Again, I am NOT a Stock Broker or Money Manager!!
- I will NOT spam you with worthless crap should I ever obtain your email address for whatever reason

The Future:

The future of this site is all positive. I would love to someday be able to offer subscription-based membership to provide my loyal readers with info on the best ways to play the Precious Metals markets.

In the meantime, I will focus on providing crucial information on why Silver and Gold are a MUST for ANYONE no matter how much money you have to invest. Also, I will be putting together a REVIEW of the top 3 places to buy precious metals online. This includes from which is the best dealer to buy Silver online. Also, from which is the best dealer to buy Gold online.

With the long-term bull market in Silver and Gold just getting started, we are a long way from the top. Gold has gone up the last 10 years in a row. That is un-heard of for any asset class. However, this trend is expected to continue in to this next decade. The same fundamentals that made Silver and Gold great investments over the last 10 years make it an even better investment for the next 10 years, thanks to the monetary and fiscal policies of our US Government and central banks around the world.

And NO, despite what the talking heads on TV tell you, Silver and Gold are NOT a bubble!! Silver and Gold is MONEY. If you want more details on this topic read this.

Thanks again, and welcome to



Welcome to

Hi there, my name is Kristopher and I am here to help average folks, like myself, start investing in Silver and Gold, which are the two most rare and popular precious metals in the world. These metals have a long history and have been surrounded in mystery, controversy and confusion over the years.

Your typical investor does not understand what Silver and Gold really is, so they tend to just ignore it. With all the exotic types of financial instruments out there today, hard metals like Silver and Gold tend to get pushed to the back of the shelf when compared to new types of investments like ETF’s, Mortgage-Backed Securities and other derivatives. More importantly, the average man or woman on the street has virtually no idea what Silver and Gold truly represent, let alone how to properly invest in them and at what prices.

The goal of this website is to help the AVERAGE Joe (and Josephine) not only learn the best ways to invest in Silver and Gold, but also identify how these metals fit in to the overall global economy and the economies of countries all over the world. Plus, we will even focus on helping the average Investor by giving them a better understanding of Silver and Gold; how they can add it to their portfolio and investment strategy; learn the most common ways of holding or gaining exposure to precious metals; and most importantly, where AND how to buy PHYSICAL Silver and Gold.

I encourage you to continue on this journey with me, as I build up this site and add more and more helpful features, tools and resources.




A Little Bit About Me:
As I mentioned, my name is Kristopher and am a Financial Analyst with a strong background in Real Estate Valuation. I became interested in Silver and Gold in the mid-2000′s during the boom period in Real Estate here in America. I looked for many ways of investing my money including the stock market and currency markets (FOREX). I also have experience starting and operating online businesses.

After the financial crisis in 2008, I embarked on a quest for information and opportunities that would help me preserve my wealth and even prosper during this great recession (which is still far from over by the way). I’m not in to any of those get-rich quick schemes as those are all just bunk anyway. For me, I am more in to physical investments that I can see, touch or completely understand (like Real Estate, Precious Metals, Stocks and Bonds).

So, this site will help continue to monitor the global economy and discover ways to use Silver and Gold to enhance our financial situations by preserving our wealth and even profiting significantly from what’s happening both at home and abroad.

Thank you for stopping by!